Alttan Çıkma Aluminyum Kesim Makinası
RS Series Undercut Aluminum Cutting Machines are designed for cutting the widest industrial profiles at desired angles with Q500-550-600 mm saw and Hydro-Pneumatic feed unit.
Aluminium Profile Processing Machines
Toskar Alumaster 300 Automatic Double Mitre Saw Machine sesigned to cut aluminum & pvc profiles ins 45/90 degrees with high precision.
HP 5 - 5 Kafa Alüminyum Profil Menteşe Delik Makinası
The aluminum frame is designed to open the hinges used on the doors. The left head is fixed, the other 4 heads are mobile. The number of heads can be reduced if desired. Hydropneumatic feed is standard.
Pratix Entegre Kulp Yeri Kertme Makinası
The connection points of the longitudinal handles mounted on the long profiles in the aluminum frame cover manufacturing are designed for emptying (notching). It can process dual profiles at the same time. 150mm saw is standard and special size saws can be manufactured.
CR 1 Kopya Freze
CR1 designed to rout required shapes on the aluminum profile according to universal template
Alumaster 200 Automatic Double Head Cutting and Drilling Machine
Alumaster 200 designed to cut and drill aluminum profiles in 45 degrees in a single operation for perfect corner joints.
C400 Aluminyum gönye kesme makinesi
Designed for cutting PVC and aluminum profiles. The machine can cut at +45°, -45° and intermediate degrees.