Hydraulic Variable Rake Guillotine Shear

VersaCut variable rake shears are designed to be rugged, everyday-use machines to be utilized in rough production environments. Variable angle capability of VersaCut allows the operators to cut different plate thicknesses with minimum setup time

Its sturdy frame, easy to use Cybelec DNC61 controller, standard throat and rugged backgauge running on ballscrews by motors with brake makes it a versatile shear to run low volume/high mix product runs as well as thin strips of all thicknesses.

Automatic angle adjustment for the cutting blade, automatic blade gap adjustment and automatic stroke adjustment make set-up times shorter and increases productivity.



• Rigid frame machined&welded from ST44A1 steel
• Hardened&Ground cutting blades (4 sided)
• Cybelec DNC 61 or Cybelec Cybtouch 6 G Controller
• 1000 mm backgauge on ballscrews and AC motor with brake
• 1 meter front support arms
• Sheet slider panels at the back
• Hoerbieger Hydraulic System
• Siemens electrical system
• Hydraulic hold downs
• Automatic Angle Adjustment for the cutting blade
• Automatic Blade Gap Adjustment system
• Automatic Stroke adjustment


• Front Angle Gauge
• Sheet Conveyor and Stacking System
• Sheet Support System at the back (to support thin sheets during cutting)
• Oil Cooler and Oil Heater
• Light Barriers on the front for finger protection
• Laser Cutting Line
• RTS(Return to Sender)Sheet Support System



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